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   Toni started making art early in her life. Her father had encouraged her as a child, with the hope of her achieving the fame of his cousin, Michigan artist Guy Palazzolo. Although self-taught, she has focused on this goal throughout her life, spending several years studying figure drawing and painting at the Macomb Community College and the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center in Michigan as Toni Selewonik. Since her marriage to Tom Stevenson and move to Chelsea, Michigan, she has become active in the local art scene, showing at many group venues in Chelsea, Ann Arbor and Jackson.

   Painting outdoors each summer is a deep-seated passion, as she tries to capture the special mood and changing colors of Nature by immersing herself in the elements that surround her. Being outside in the sun, wind and weather greatly influences the mood of her art. Currently her focus is painting with pastel. It satisfies her love of drawing and pastel’s glowing colors influence her work.

    She is currently painting several series. One called ‘Searching for Identity’. The intent is to explore the inner attitudes and personalities of adolescent and adult subjects, and search for the various aspects of their unresolved self-images and buried emotions, such as identity, vulnerability, doubt and insecurity, which are cloaked by their outer expressions of toughness and bravado.

    In another sequence of paintings, her focus is on still life. Here she explores the many items that are assembled before her, endeavoring to pair related objects to illustrate an idea, thought or design element or principle.


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Ft Meyers Beach, Florida   Series ~ Pastel

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‘Waiting for Sundown‘   Sold

‘Sandcastles’  Available

On a Recent visit to Florida, I became fascinated by the dissimilarity between the doom & gloom of world news and the peaceful images of people enjoying the beach. In my Ft Meyers Beach Series, my attempt was to convey this contrast of reality”.

‘A Day at the Beach‘   Sold

‘Good Friends‘  Sold

‘Sundown on the Beach’  Sold

Toni Stevenson at the Chelsea Painters Art Fair in Chelsea, Michigan

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